Rogue Trader - PAGS

First Session
A Journey Begins

The crew of the Archaeda’s Grief started off their new era under the command of Lord Captain Tyron Balt, fourth holder of the Warrant of Trade for the Balt Dynasty. They were given a rousing speech from the Lord Captain, in which he told them of his plans to restore the honour back to the Balt Dynasty that his predecessors had run into the ground.

The party went to their new stations and duties with a will, rooting out the disrespect, disloyalty and laziness that had come over the general crew during the reign of the former captain. Some dealt with disobedience with a heavy hand, others with a more subtle approach, trying to get to the root of the problems.

We left them as they were preparing the Grief for her first voyage under their guidance, sights set on Footfall where one of the Dynasties contacts is waiting for them with an opportunity that is not to be missed…


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