Bolt Pistol (Fane of Harcal Pattern)

Bolt Pistol Revolver Styled

weapon (ranged)
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Kg Availability
Bolt Pistol (Harcal) Pistol 30m S/-/- 1d10+5 X 4 6 Full Tearing, Reliable 3 Very Rare
Pistol can be quick drawn and fired however is treated as not braced.
Requires SA of 40+ to be used without bracing. If not braced (or SA <40)>

The Fane of Harcal was just another cartel of weapons manufacturers located on the Forge world of Scintalla. Created by two brothers in arms who hit the payload they focused mainly on simple yet effective Solid Projectile weapons for the masses, purchasing a number of foundries to follow this ideal. Approached by a former fellow Guardsman who desired a hard hitting weapon that could operate in all conditions that started producing large calibre, solid slug weapons based around the revolver mechanism.

This mechanism was found to be more reliable than any of the previous blowback styles generally used. The major draw back however was with the lack of ability to provide even semi-auto fire modes. To overcome this they took the approach of one shot one kill and this naturally lead them to Bolt weapons. With no need to incorperate bulky springs and recoil mechanisms they were able to produce hand held Bolt weapons that could be used by the common populace. This in turn led them into competion with wealthier Forges and they were eventually “bought out” with only thier designs remaining.

Even though no longer functioning as a Fane, Harcal Pattern weapons are all noted for thier large calibres and simplisitic and reliable mechanisms. All styles (Pistols, shotguns, hunting rifles and bolt weapons) are considered reliable with a jam result meaning a dud or misfired round.

Due to the nature of the weapon all Harcal Bolt Pistols require a greater strength than normal to handle the recoil. This means these pistols can not be quick drawn without a subsequant loss in accuracy and possible strained wrist. Bracing the weapon requires a 1/2 phase action and is considered permanently braced unless the user moves greater than 1/2 thier MA.

Bolt Pistol (Fane of Harcal Pattern)

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