Titus Aphesius

Sergeant at Arms of Lord Captain Tyron's Personal Bodyguard


“My name is Titus Aphesius, but my friends call me Tits. Don’t ask.”

Titus comes from a feral world somewhere in the Calixis Sector. He claims he doesn’t remember where exactly it was. He grew up among the villages there till he was about 15 years old. At that time he was taken in a slave raid by some Calixian Pirates who used him to fight in the mobile death pits that they ran.

One day when they were docked along side a Rogue Trader’s ship he managed to escape from the cells and stow away on the shuttle for that ship, called Atalanta’s Grace at that point. He was discovered by a young Tyron Balt, not yet the Lord Captain at this point. As Tyron didn’t share his fathers perverse enjoyment of the death pits, he let Titus get away with his escape.

This earned Tyron Balt the loyalty and respect of this feral world pit fighter. Once Titus got on board Atalanta’s Grace, he soon found his way onto the security forces. He worked hard to get to the top so that he could one day serve Tyron Balt personally.

Now with the death of Tyron’s father, Titus finds himself in command of the Bridge Tactical Response Team, and Lord Captain Tyron Balt’s personal bodyguard when away from the ship.


Titus Aphesius

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