Jo'qa Voidspawn

Seasoned Voidsman and Infurnus Master of the Grief

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
35 35 42 45 38 34 42 35 43
Wounds Fate Corruption Insanity
13 2 1 1
Pistol Wpns (Universal) Melee Wpns (Universal) Tough as Crox (ITS pg9)
Leery of Outsiders (ITS pg9) Paranoid Light Sleeper
Enemy (Comm P.B’Std) Hardy Nerves of Steel
Skills (Trained)
Awareness Carouse Common Lore (Imperium) Common Lore (War)
Dodge Forbidden Lore (Xenos) Gamble Navigation (Stellar)
Pilot (Space, Flyers) Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) Secret Tongue (RT) Sleight of Hand
Speak Language (Low Gothic) Survival Trade: Voidsman Wrangling
Bolt Pistol (Fane of Harcal Pattern – Av)
Power Sword (Mordiaan Pattern – Av)
Guard Flak Armour (Av)
Micro Bead Void Suit Blessed Balt Dynasty Citation Medallion (Imperium) Re-beather
Vox Caster Pict-recorder Imperial Navy Uniform (Blood Stained Petty Officer 1st Class)

Usually going by just Jo (‘tcho), WO Voidspawn’s background is a confusing mess of hypothesises, half truths, blatant lies and starbursts of legendary performances. First noted on board during Capt Archaeda Balts reign circa 800M41 as a lowly crewman of the ships Barge #8 (Graceless Fall). Subsequent investigation by the Ships Chief Bo’ sun high lighted that though hanger personnel and senior crew could not specifically place him they were of the opinion he had been a ships member for some time.

Needless to say Voidspawn earned his surname and proceeded to steadily climb through the ratings within the holds crews. Over the next 5 years he attained the rank of Voidsman 1st Class and became the leading hand of Barge 8’s stores party. It was in this capacity that he came to the fore for the first of many occasions.

Just prior to the Barge entering the Ships Void screen Voidspawn violently ordered all members to don emergency suits just prior to purging the barges hold and jettisoning all cargo held there in. Less than a minute after this purge an explosion rocked the barge from aft as the cargo exploded. The investigation into the event (refer file 89/67152/P988) showed a large explosive device had been smuggled into the Captains personnel supply and only the due diligence of Voidspawn noting the odd container had prevented an incident. It was for this action that Voidspawn earned his first citation.

After this incident Voidspawn “disappeared” for 3 months with no indication of being alive let alone onboard being made. One day he was found to be back at work moving containers around the hanger deck as if nothing had happened. When quizzed as to his location during the past months his reply of “around” was found to be lacking. Rather than being punished his commendation was rescinded and things continued on as per normal.

During the next 10 years Voidspawn climbed through the ranks to becoming Co-pilot and eventually Pilot of Barge #8. His knowledge of the hanger area also brought with it the auxiliary duty of Hanger Infernos Master. A task he disliked but never the less performed to satisfaction. This was typical of his attitude onboard until 811M41, just getting by doing enough not to be noticed and only receiving promotions due to no-one else able to perform the tasks.

He received his 2nd and highest distinction at the end of this period. During a normal warp jump a notification of mutiny was received by the Chief Bo’ sun from an anonymous source. Drawing a heavy security team together the Chief arrived at the location just as a warp incursion erupted within the vessel. Having his team ready the Chief held of the forces and with the assistance of the Captains Bridge team the incursion was dealt with. When the dust had settled Voidspawn was found to have been in the thick of it, in an area that one of his calling should not have been in. Reports from the security team all told the same story, that of Voidspawn throwing himself suicidally into the fray time and time again.

Once again, as was to prove somewhat discerning and strangely recurring, Voidspawn upon receiving accolades was found AWOL over the next 6 months. When he did eventually “appear out of the void” the Captain stripped him of all entitlements including his latest citation and threw him in the brig for 3 months. Upon his release he was placed into the custody of the Captains son and heir apparent. It was under this close scrutiny that he came to the fore, becoming the heirs personal pilot.

Over the next 4 years Voidspawns “absences” dramatically declined. He started and finished some long distance education programmes as well as retaining his ship board qualifications. Upon becoming Infernos Master of the vessel due to his knowledge of its depths he approached the Captain and high lighted some flaws in his security. This led to the subsequent unearthing of at least two assassination attempts one which led to the unfortunate passing of the Chief Bo’ sun last year (815M41).

This passing of a trusted member of the ships crew led to another absenteeism. During this time of non-appearance (2 months) and subsequent involuntary apprehension (2 months) a change in leadership of the Greif was assumed. With the passing of the old regime Voidspawn was granted a waver of all past infractions and resumed his role as the current Captains trusted man. This in itself has most of the crew scratching their heads and looking sideways at the quiet man standing in the shadows.

Jo'qa Voidspawn

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