Rogue Trader - PAGS

The Search for the Witches

The crew continue their search for information on the Seven Witches...

We join the crew of the Archaeda’s Grief again this week with Lord Captain Tyron Balt and his group, Lord Daxos and Malakai, in the thick of a alley fight with some of the scum of Footfall. Refer to Arrival at Footfall for the events leading up to this.

After the initial exchange of fire from the scum that took down one of the Redshirts early, Malakai lobs another grenade down the hall and the resulting explosion causes that hallway to go silent. Two guardsmen go back/get hauled forward by Lord Daxos to cover him from the ambushers at the back. After a few more exchanges of gunfire, in which another guardsman gets taken down as well as a few of the scum, Lord Captain Tyron gives the order to charge the scum and runs into combat with two of the ambushers, cutting one down with his Angevian Chainsword on the way in. The combat devolves into a series of close combat fights that sees the scum overwhelmed and the few remaining try to flee. One gets cut down by a guardsman as he runs and the last one gets lamed by a well placed bolt round from Malakai. The Lord Captain starts questioning the scummer about the whereabouts of the group that was impersonating the customs officers. After a few brutal rounds of questions the Lord Captain is convinced that this person knows nothing and executes him. They start making their way out of the warren of service corridors, seeing that continuing the search would be fruitless.

Meanwhile Father Hal Torque makes his way to The Chapel of the Third Congregants and spends the next several hours conferring with his Ecclesiarchal Colleagues (i.e. Noddy couldn’t make the session). Jo’qa Voidspawn was contacted by the Captain via Micro-Bead and ordered to go back to the ship and pick up Thale Steihr and Raven to help with the search for information, as well as to negotiate to get the Grief’s cargo hold retro fitted into a launch bay, as well as two squadrons of Starhawk Bombers to go with it.

After arriving on Footfall, Steihr started making inquiries into finding merchants and fitters that deal with starship components and bomber squadrons. After a string of false leads and wild goose chases around the dockyards and merchant quarters, costing him valuable time, he finally found someone who might be able to get them what they need. He met with Tecikar, a merchant who specialises in starship components and military surplus. After some hard negotiation and an attempted psychic delusion from Raven, that proved to just make Tecikar more talkative and friendly toward Raven but didn’t affect the deal, they managed to secure a contract to have the cargo hold retro fitted as launch bays, losing 2/3 of the hold in the process. Work would start as soon as the Grief was docked at a dockyard. They also secured one squadron of Bombers, with another to be delivered as soon as Tecikar could secure a second.

While the negotiations were going on, the Lord Captain and his group, at a suggestion from Lord Daxos, decided to try looking for information at The Spire of Intoxicants. Upon arrival, Lord Daxos tried to talk to some of the local narco-tribesmen. Still not entirely sure what he said to offend, he managed to insult one of the tribes Elders and the group from the Grief became pariah’s in the Spire. Stalls and shops were closed as they approached, no one would talk to them. After a while of this the Captain managed to find someone willing to talk to them with the promise of money, but not openly. They met this narco-ganger further up the Spire in a service corridor a little later, but unfortunately as soon as they brought up the Seven Witches the ganger clammed up looking terrified. He refused to speak of the Witches, making signs to ward off evil. Despite the large amounts of money he was turning down, he left the group, making his way down the service corridors and around the corner. About three seconds later a blood curdling scream came from down the way he had gone. The Captain ordered Titus and the guardsmen to go after the ganger but by the time they got to the corner and set up a defensive advance, the gangers head rolled down the corridor and stopped in the cross-way.

The crew then joined together to decide what course to pursue next. The Captain, Jo’qa and Lord Daxos went to try and dig up some information on which Rogue Traders were currently in Footfall to see if they could get some information as to what opportunity was about to occur. Thale Steihr, Malakai and Raven were to investigate the Macrostatue of the God Emperor, which is surrounded by superstitions, rumours and horror stories. This seemed like a good place to look for the Seven Witches.

Jo’qa managed to find out that someone called Madam Charlabelle Armelan was to be dining at The House of the Emperor’s Grace, an exclusive restaurant in the merchant district. He wasn’t sure if she was a Rogue Trader or not, but at the very least she was someone of import to be dining the Emperor’s Grace. He booked a table for the Lord Captain and a few companions to dine for lunch, as that was when Madam Armelan was to be there.

Thale, Malakai and Raven had journeyed down deserted corridors, past abandoned habs and just opened the airlock to one of the space cables that connect the statue to the rest of the station. Considering the crowding of the rest of the station, the empty hallways and habs was a very ominous and disturbing scene. Just before they were about to venture through the airlock into the empty blackness of the space cable, the cold of the void seeping out of the door, Raven felt a wave of psychic, evil energy waft out of the cable. he could tell dark, warp tainted things dwelt beyond.

This is where we left the crew of the Grief, to be continued in a fortnight.



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