Rogue Trader - PAGS

The Mutant's Ball

The search of the Macrostatue continues while the captain makes his way to the banquet at the Liege's Court

We join the crew of the Archaeda’s Grief soon after their battle against the shadow creatures finished. Those armsmen who fled and returned were stripped of their weapons and confined under guard. After Father Hal Torque finished his inspection of all those who came into contact with the creatures in case of taint, a watch perimeter was set up as they waited for Lord Captain Tyron Balt to arrive.

Once he arrived the search of the Macrostatue was ordered to continue, Torian had to crawl through cramped service corridors to start repairing power conduits to get the turbolifts running again. It was a slow, gruelling, nerve wracking climb up the statue as everyone was on their toes, searching the shadows for any signs of movement.

After a while Captain Tyron had to leave to get to the welcome banquet at the Liege’s Court. He took Raven with him to help read the minds of those he dealt with. Once he arrived and found Madam Charlabelle Armelan who introduced him to several of the more prominent guests, including Liege Tanthus Moross, Abel Gerrit, and Lord Admiral Bastille, he started his blunt questioning, trying to get information on the foretelling The Seven Witches were supposed to be giving soon. His less than diplomatic approach to his dealings with the other Rogue Traders was met with both polite feigned ignorance and refusals to discuss anything to do with “current operational information”.

The Lord Captain was pulled to the side by Madam Charlabelle who tried to convince him to try be a little more diplomatic and tactful in this company, as most don’t tend to respond well to blunt, tactless questioning and boorish behaviour. About this time the dinner bell rang and they were all shown to their seats. When Captain Tyron sat down he found himself next to a man called Vladaym Tocara. He introduced himself as an agent for The Kasballica Mission, the crime syndicate that controls the Cold Trade, the sale of Xenos Artifacts. He suggested that they have a private meeting sometime to discuss business as he had many dealings with Tyron’s father.

As the meals were brought out it became apparent that a peculiar quirk of what passed for nobility in this station was to partake of dangerous foods. There were five particular dishes that only very few people were trying, with varying degrees of side effects. In an attempt to try impressing people into giving him information Tyron proceeded to gather them all into a big plate, crunch them together and eat them all. He got through the Voidburned Winterscale with Rakken Brain Sauce and Shardspider Eggs in Promethium Soup without much effect. The Live Dolorium Throat Crab he had killed in his crushing together so they gave him no trouble, but also didn’t impress anyone. He started having difficulty when he got some Jerazol Brain-Fluke braised in Ork Spinal Fluid__ into him, which caused him to have a massive brain spasm and start compulsively polishing his sidearm over and over again for the remainder of the banquet. In between brief pauses in his cleaning he managed to swallow the final dish, Deep Warp Eel with Egarian Mummy Extract, which proceeded to mutate his muscles into exploding in size, doubling his strength.

Raven had spent most of the meal trying to read the thoughts of those around him without much success. The jumble of minds kept him from being able to concentrate enough on any one person. He had stuck to the safer foods for most of the meal, seeing the strange side effects that various patrons were suffering. He saw the impressed looks from the people around the captain though and decided to try a few himself. He ate The Live Dolorium Throat Crab whole which proceeded to cause him to violently throw-up for the next several minutes. When he returned to the table he decided to try the Deep Warp Eel with Egarian Mummy Extract. He started to get an itchy feeling in the back of his throat and proceeded to throw up a swarm of tiny, ripping Dolorium Throat Crabs. He had a strange feeling that he could do this again if he wanted. Everyone around him looked impressed with his culinary tastes, though looked worried about the tiny crabs that seemed to come from no where.

The rest of the crew had spent this time painfully slogging through the Macrostatue, repairing power and going up the levels searching for any signs of the witches. They had reached an impasse though in the form of a service level that seemed to have been completely stripped bare of all equipment. They only way forward was to either crawl through endless service corridors to get to upper levels or to go out and try another airlock cable to another level of the structure.

We leave the crew until next time…



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