Rogue Trader - PAGS

Terror in the Dark

The crew encounter more than they bargined for ...

We picked up with Lord Captain Tyron Balt sitting down for a meal at The House of the Emperor’s Grace. He was there to try and find out anything about this prophecy that the seven witches were supposed to be giving soon. Jo’qa Voidspawn had discovered that a Rogue Trader by the name of Madam Charlabelle Armelan would be here at the same time. After an invitation to join them, Tyron managed to make a tentative alliance to help each other out with Madam Charlabelle during the course of the meeting.

We crossed over to Father Hal Torque trying to get some information at The Chapel of the Third Congregants. Unfortunately due to the fact that the Chapel is mainly run by the Drusian sect, as Father Hal is not an adherent of that sect there was very little information forthcoming. He did get a little information from an accolyte of the Chapel, that the Seven Witches are well respected and sort after by various Rogue Traders, giving them a legal Imperial sanctioning in the Koronus Expanse. After this he reported to Tyron Balt and was told to make his way to The Macrostatue of the God Emperor to backup the group making their way into the twisting corridors inside.

We switch back to the group just as they enter the Macrostatue with 8 armsmen. Malakai took five of them when they encountered a T junction and went left, leaving three with Thale Steihr and Raven to head right. After several minutes of exploring the dark corridors they found that this level of the statue is a series of concentric rings that met in the middle by a bank of turbo lifts. Torian had made his way to the group to offer his knowledge of the Meckanicus in their search, though all he managed to find out was that the main power was out in this area. Raven had been sensing a psychic presence for most of the trip so far, which coalesced into two shadow creatures detaching from the walls of the chamber and attacking the group. After a brutal and terrifying battle, the psychic presence of the creatures causing several of the guardsmen and a few of the crew to flee in unholy terror, the crew manage to finally purge the creatures from this plane of existence. The final tally was three guardsmen dead, one MIA, never returning after fleeing the shadow creatures. Father Hal had arrived at the battle right before the end, decisively ending things with a blast from his heavy flamer. All the crew and guardsmen that remain have been ordered to remain in the area until they have been checked for taint.

We leave the crew of the Grief for another fortnight.



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