Rogue Trader - PAGS

Arrival at Footfall

The crew of the Archaeda's Grief arrive at Footfall, some for the first time...

Picking up where we left off last time, we join the Grief’s crew getting ready to journey into The Warp. After setting course and getting his bearings, the Navigator, Lord Daxos of the Nomadic House of Navigators, made the translation to the Warp. After 3-4 days of travel, with only a few fluctuations of the Gellar Field to mar the otherwise perfect trip, the Grief translated back into real space just outside of Footfall.

After making initial contact with Footfall, Lord Captain Tyron Balt summoned Orbest Dray to report to him. After making his way to the Grief, Orbest Dray reported on what he knew of the opportunity that he had informed the Lord Captain of. Roughly 10 Rogue Traders had converged on Footfall in the past two months and hadn’t moved on yet, something that Orbest had never heard of in his lifetime. There was a rumour that the Seven Witches of Footfall were about to give some sort of grand Foretelling. His information was sadly lacking in detail as far as the Lord Captain was concerned, but it had enough validity to it to investigate further.

The senior staff separated into two groups to try and flush out some information. Father Hal Torque, Jo’qa Voidspawn & Torian were charged with going to the less savoury places in Footfall to try and find out what the seedy underbelly of the station knew of these rumours. The Lord Captain himself, Malakai & Lord Daxos ventured out to find the Liege Lord of Footfall.

From the first moment they step off the Lighters, the crew realise just how far they are from the Imperium with almost no Imperial regalia, no Imperial Guardsmen patrolling the docks and salted sporadically amongst it all, small groups of various Xeno’s going about their business.

After some “gentle” inquiries, Father Hal and his group make their way to a dingy tavern call “The Whispering Warp” in the dockyard commercial district. Jo’qa tries to butter up the dockyard guard they had met, but they didn’t manage to get any useful information. Father Hal, made impatient by the lack of respect or answers in this area decides to make his way to The Chapel of the Third Congregants to make inquiries with his colleagues of the Ecclesiarchy.

Lord Captain Tyron and his party started making their way through to The Liege’s Court. On their way they were approached by a group of Kroot mercenaries offering their services to the Rogue Trader. Due to his hatred of Xeno’s of all kinds, the Lord Captain declined their offer and surprisingly let them go on their way. They were also accosted by some official looking customs officers demanding a docking tithe. Lord Captain Tyron recognised some discrepancies in their uniforms, which ranged from various senior level officers in various navies to apparently the Grand Admiral of Battlefleet Calixis himself. The Lord Captain ignored their threats and moved on. Past the dockyards in the corridors of Footfall they encountered a servo skull messenger from The Liege Lord, inviting them to a welcome feast that night.

After the invite was accepted, they made their way back to the “Office of the Administratum Oeconomica”, to confront the false officials. Behind the door that the men had disappeared into was just an empty room with several entrances to the warren of service corridors that create a labyrinth throughout Footfall. The Lord Captain decided to proceed into the corridors, looking for the men. The armsmen that they had brought with them went ahead, led by Sergeant at Arms Titus Aphesius. After a few minutes of searching, the Lord Captain calling out, “I’m here to pay the tithe!” they were soon surrounded by a group of Footfall’s unsavoury elements. After Malakai kicked things off with lobbing a frag grenade down the corridor that a voice had come from, the slugs started flying. With four shadows approaching from the front, two from the left, two from the right and a few coming up from behind, Sergeant Titus sprang into action, shouting orders to the armsmen, “Two-Bit, Rafferty, get back to cover Lord Daxos! Johnson, Spinner! Cover point! Grim, Cherry! Cover left!”

We left the crew as the fight was starting to ramp up, with one of the armsmen going down to a couple of early slugs from the ambushers.



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