Driven insane by his grandfather, the former captain and Rogue Trader of the Orion-Class Star Clipper Atalanta’s Grace began his reign over the Balt Dynasty by murdering his father and taking control by force. Never wanting to give up the power and wealth he had amassed, he turned all his resources to tracking down anything that might prolong his life. He eventually found what he was looking for, a Halo Artefact called the Axeris. With this device he gained immortality, but as with all the Halo devices, this came at a price.

As he slipped deeper and deeper into madness, his reign became more and more brutal. The slightest infractions were punished severely and sadistically. After failing him on a mission, he killed every single one of his boarding marines, replacing them, and turning them into, murder servitors.

After 33 years of the brutal, tormenting rule, Tyron Balt has inherited his father’s ship. No one is quite sure how the murder servitor got into the old, mad captain’s cabin, but the blood still stains the walls to this day.

To this day the name of the old Rogue Trader is forbidden to be uttered on the ship, which has been renamed Archaeda’s Grief.

Before his death, the former captain had managed to amass a great fortune during his search for the Axeris. The Dynasty stands as on of the most fiscally wealthy families in the Koronus Expanse, though due to the former captain’s descent into psychosis a lot of contacts and alliances were burned or outright destroyed. It has also left only the one small ship, an Orion-Class Star Clipper, as the larger vessels that were in the Dynasty were run down or destroyed during the dark years.

Now Tyron has collected together a core group of spacers that he trusts, as much as he trusts anyone, to work alongside the Senior Officers of the old crew to learn the ropes of running a star ship.

They are set to begin their first foray into the expanse when they receive a message from an old contact that managed to survive the purges of the old captain, one Orbest Dray. He doesn’t wish to go into detail over the Astropathic Relays, so he asks you to meet him in Footfall, the last vestige of civilisation before the expanse. He says to hurry as the opportunity is time critical.
We join the Archaeda’s Grief right before they enter the Maw, the passageway between the warp storms that at one time cut off the Koronus Expanse before the legendary Rogue Trader Purity Lathimon charted the only route through the maelstrom of storms. She is docked at Port Wander, the Imperial Naval Station that sits sentinel in front of the Maw, guarding the Imperium from the darkness beyond.

Rogue Trader - PAGS

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